LM.C 2020 Halloween march preordered begins 12/5

See tweet here. Hey LM.C fans, starting December 5th they will be pre-orders at fake Stars shop for LM.C’s Halloween merch. If you missed your chance to get certain items during the original sale now is your chance.


As some of you may know LM.C recently had an online series of meet and greets for the Japanese fans via Zoom. I reached out to Fake 🌟 Star and asked about possibly having a meet and greet for foreign fans. I’d like to inquire from all of you if Zoom would also work for…

LM.C overseas fans live stream temporarily archived

Great news, for those of you who are unable to tune in and listen to LM.C’s overseas live stream with translation provided by Fake Star, they are archiving the livestream until the 29th of June. So please check it out.

LM.C Livestream for foreign fans this Saturday 6/20

This Saturday Fake Star and LM.C will be hosting a livestream for overseas fans. There will be an English interpreter. So please tune in! One last reminder, you have until 22nd at 11:59 p.m. to pre-order LM.C goods from Fake Star.

Fake Star now Selling LM.C Merch

Hello LM.C fans! Promoter Fake Star USA is now selling LM.C merch. Top of the list is Personalized autographed Brand New Songs CD! You can also get a special photo card for purchases of $80 or more before tax. Shipping is to the US only at this time. But if you have a friend or…

VIP Tickets on Sale for LM.C

For those of you going to Anime Weekend Atlanta 2019 (AWA 2019) VIP Badges are now on sale! Info Here and Here LM.C VIP at Anime Weekend Atlanta LM.C is proud to present special VIP packages to attendees of Anime Weekend Atlanta! VIP Badges will go on sale starting Today (9/8/2019) at 6 PM EST. Please…

Last Day to Vote! Poll closes Today @ 9pm EST

Today is your last day to vote in the song/VIP ticket request poll for AWA and future shows. The poll will close Today at 9pm Eastern Standard time, so please do not wait until the last minute. No other requests or votes will be accepted afterward. Results will be given to Fake Star for review…

Song request poll closing soon on 7/20/19!

The poll to request songs and VIP ticket options will close on 7/20/2019. If you will be attending Anime Weekend Atlanta 2019, please vote. The information from the poll will be given to Fake Star for AWA and future shows. Thanks. Request and VIP poll

Song request and VIP ticket poll closes JULY 20th, 2019

The poll will close on 7/20/2019. Please note now, especially if you will be attending Anime Weekend Atlanta 2019. The information from the poll will be given to Fake Star for AWA and future shows. Thanks. Request and VIP poll