Rock and Read 80 – Aiji ~Nice Future~ Full Interview

Message from the Translators: After a year of crazy schedules, and trying to coordinate between two countries and time zones we finally finished RR80 Aiji’s Interview. Thank you for you patience. These long format interviews can take upwards of 48 hours of work, and we only can meet once a week for an hour. So, I…

neverendingveda: I just received the new Rock and Read and wanted to share this awesome shooting with you all! ❤️

This might be a new favorite look.

Maya RR79

glassheartsarebreaking: Anyone interested in these RR scans? I can also scan the interview pages! Please tell me if some of you would like them 💕

glassheartsarebreaking: Please don’t be upset with me if they’re not that perfect. I used the scanner from my workplace, but I actually think they’re okay.

Rock & Read 45: Maya Solo Interview

Maya Rock & Read 45 Solo Interview Looking back on 2012, I want to ask what’s your outlook for next year, but first, how do you spend your youthful days? Maya: Well, first of all, I came here thinking about what I should talk about. We finished a long tour and we’re not recording right now, so…