LM.C 15th anniversary project!

Fake Star, who has brought LM.C overseas for concerts and is a me cry seller for overseas fans, is hosting a go fund me for LM.C’s 15th anniversary project. Please donate if you can. 【Overseas】 LM.C 15th Anniversary ProjectA page has been set up specially for overseas fans to contribute to the MV endroll credits….

Maya twitter 2/28/2021

楽しかったー🍷🙅‍♀️✨@YoshikiChannel pic.twitter.com/IKMUKauZwT — LM.C maya (@maya_LMC) February 28, 2021

LM.C Halloween concert livestream!

Attention all, our boys have decided to give us the gift of Halloween for Christmas. As of the 24th of December there will be live stream of LM.C’s Halloween concert. You may purchase tickets as an overseas fan from from the following link. For those who purchased tickets to the live a recording will be…

Campanella Translation

Translator’s note: this is my first time translating song lyrics. And this is by far the hardest translation I have ever done. Campanella Meritless days repeatAnd so too these vague sorrows On nights when I nearly forget I’m aliveI’ll decorate the room with flowers that won’t wither I write down all my wishes and line…