Campanella Translation

Translator’s note: this is my first time translating song lyrics. And this is by far the hardest translation I have ever done.


Meritless days repeat
And so too these vague sorrows

On nights when I nearly forget I’m alive
I’ll decorate the room with flowers that won’t wither

I write down all my wishes and line them up.
Some change depending on how they’re viewed

Accumulating days that just repeat
Even clear waters turn blue as they get deeper

“Equally to everyone”
Is someone’s ideology
In a corner of the massive universe
The end credits roll suddenly

So brittle, yet beautiful
My cluttered memories appear, flashing like a broken lantern
Under the sky where the Campanella floats
I’m watching the world end

There is no rain that never stops, and no rain that never falls
The sun always rises and sets again

Philosophies flying past one another in the name of “Love & Peace”
Lose the meaning of their conflicts
An Eschatology that says nothing

Even if you’re waiting for me somewhere,
If I were to draw you from imagination, it would be incomplete
Practicing is like pushing a car up a slope
As is living, loving, and dreaming
Certainly brittle, which makes it beautiful
A revolving lamp overflowing with sparkling memories
At the bottom of the sea where the Campanella sinks
This world will be united

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