Maya’s My Universe volume 35

Theme: “My Answer”

Being able to do a live on my birthday was happiness. This year, I was also able to do it. The stage entrance and setting, direction etc., all kinds of things were off the wall (I’d say closer to madness) for “Maya’s King’s Night.” I’ve performed that titled live several times so far. I thought I should perform a bit more normal this year, so I was looking back on the memories and data from earlier days, to get a better idea for the content. Then, on that bag of knowledge called the internet, I found a question on a Q&A website.

“I’m going to LM.C Maya’s King’s Night 2011 (at AX 7/30). I am a 3rd-year middle schooler. I’ve been to LM.C’s live 4 or 5 times before, but this is my first standing live. There are a few things I would like to ask you about!! I’m about 182cm. There’s a lot of women at LM.C lives, (besides it’s standing room only) would you be offended by a huge guy standing there? It’s a clothing thing, I don’t have any LM.C-ish punk style clothing, so I’m going in a loose long tee in an ochre Saruel pants*. Would I be out of place in this??

In a standing live, how should heading banging be done, so not to hit another person, especially in with a song like “Crazy a go go” etc… I’m worried.

If you saw a 3rd-year middle school boy headbanging would you be repulsed?? <– I always think about that when I go to a live.

Wondering if there are any Teamers who would answer these 4 questions? I’d really appreciate it.

Even though the question was posted 4 years ago and 4 years have passed I answered it. I answered on behalf of myself from years ago.

“That’s fine.”

This one comment. This is resolved. It’s sure that everything is resolved.

When I saw this question that was uploaded many years ago, the affection I have, that I can’t quite put into words, welled up.

Of course, I cherish this boy. Even if the situation is different, there is or was someone holding anxiety and worry about a similar thing. I cherish that as well.

When I was a third-year student in Middle School, I had the experience of taking trains with some classmates from my hometown, Nagano, to see a live in Tokyo.

That was when the internet wasn’t popular. There was no convenient knowledge bag. Unknown things were still unknown; furthermore, for Middle school students in Nagano, it was a big deal to go to Tokyo by ourselves.

What should we wear? Can we make it? Can we get into the venue? Can we get back to Nagano safely? What’s the right way to see the live???

As the enjoyment increased, so did the mystery and anxiety in equal measure.

The Times change, but that excitement remains the same. I felt there were many parts that overlapped with myself from that time.

Some people answered the questions gently; I was touched by their words.

That’s one of the attractions of Team☆ LM.C. “Teamer” is a nickname for the fans from the fan club, “Team ☆ LM.C”, I love the name. I love the team.

Did the questioning boy enjoy that day’s live? I wonder if he’s doing well now.

I’m doing well.

I’m doing LM.C as I’ve been.

I will have a birthday live this year, I’m waiting for you.

Even after doing it for years there will be people who say, “I’m watching a live for the first time,” and “This is the first live I’m going to.”

If someone has similar anxiety as you did, since you overcame it, please advise them on my behalf.

Tell them, “That’s fine! :-)”


*TN: A type of pats see example here:


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