Maya’s My Universe vol. 36 – Birthday


Theme: Birthday

There are all kinds of anniversaries throughout a year.

Those anniversary days, that being forcibly made, are increasing lately.  I mean, yeah, there are a lot.

I assume, the day that is commemorated most, surely for anyone, is the day we’re born.

My Birthday is July 30th. As I wrote last month, this year we also had a live. Since I started LM.C, in the early years I’d be abroad for my birthday. I was invited to an event that was like an outdoor music festival in Taiwan and Singapore, and during my stay, my birthday came.

Because of the situation, Live Members and the Domestic and Foreign Staff had to stay together, that’s why naturally they celebrated my birthday. Looking back now, it was a very happy atmosphere. I was born at the end of July, so when I was young my birthday would completely overlap with Summer break. It’s different from people who have birthdays during other seasons, I didn’t get celebrate at school. So, I longed for that when I was young.

On top of that, though it’s in the earlier part of Summer Break, it wasn’t early enough to celebrate before the date. By the time Summer Break was over, it was an old news, so, it wasn’t a topic to talk about. Well, it wasn’t that big of a concern. That said, perhaps I am still concerned about it deeply at the time of writing this.

What’s a birthday?

At the beginning, I wrote “surely for anyone”, I wonder what it’s like for you.

Surely each person has different feels, but I think it’s true.

It’s an anniversary, you can’t escape.

There are some people who’ve never had good memories since they were born, some people don’t like birthdays because they dislike getting older each year, then others are like “I’m accepting gifts for the six months before my birthday and the six months after.”

In my case, it’s totally the latter.

Well, that having been said, your birthday is just a counter for time that someone else decided, and it’s the name of the first day of your life. If you do not like it that’s just how it goes. If you don’t hate it, just enjoy it as you like. In fact, if I was even born on that day is a mystery to me. If I started saying this, it would never stop.

There’s someone appeared at his Birthday Live with a massive portrait backed by a portable shrine and appeared as a king (it was me).

Every day is someone’s anniversary.

When you are feeling something nice and very mysterious on those days that are linked together on many layers, anniversaries will surely continue to increase.

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