Maya’s My Universe 37 – Koshien

Theme: Koshien (Koushien)

The summer of the high school baseball youths is over this year as well. At the time of writing this, the finals have just ended. The excitement is still lingering. It looks like it’s going to be an old story in myself by the time this issue comes out, but I want to write about it.

Koshien does not have any direct connections with myself, it’s simply a summer tradition to me. While listening to the news on TV and the Internet: Is it still not yet Koshien? Which team from the hometown is still in (the league)? Who won? Are they still going? Oh, they finished… These things went through my mind.

But, this year it was the 100th anniversary. Amazing.

By the way, I only saw the last day of Netto Koshien* this year. My Koshien feelings get very high by that show.

Every year, I’m watching the Summer High School Baseball story and think, what kind of things are the players who lost the game feeling? I think that might include a lot of my own prejudice, but for young baseball players, Koshien is their entire purpose, the symbol of their lives, their life’s guideline. For them, it’s like the place that Sanzo and his group aiming for.

Maybe it’s because we’re watching those who have made it to Koshien, it seems that each one has contributed everything they have, is their pure innocence that comes from the traditional shaved head that continues from long ago.

They had embraced a longing for something at a young age; they started chasing after a white ball under the high sky.

That one point, the stage where only a limited number people with luck and ability can stand, Koshien. Even though those people look ahead to baseball life after Koshien, may feel that until Koshien is their life’s limit.

The answer to life that has been accumalating until then becomes clear. The dreams they raise become clear as night and day. Whether they laugh or cry, their dream is clear.

We band men don’t have a Koshien. Even if you (as a band man) are unable to debut at 25, and don’t make it to the stage of Budoukan at 30, you’re not defeated.

Every sport is like that. Victory or defeat is clear at the point you’re aiming for.

Meanwhile, I wonder if there’s a youthful story dramatically drawn out over this high school baseball summer season?

Only one school can eventually win.  I wonder, how do the flowing tears of the 3rd year (whose life revolves around baseball) who loses taste?

A day will come, when looking back, that they’ll be proud to have been at Koshien, instead of thinking of frustrating defeat there.

Tears if you lose, tears even if you win. All games have tears. The tears of those who didn’t make it to Koshien are far more numerous. Are they any differences between those tears? Every tear is genuine. They shine more than any jewel. Thank you for the high purity of your story this year too.

The second-grade students have already started for the summer days of next, yes?

The reason I’m a blond with long hair is the same as why you have shaved black hair. Don’t forget that.

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