Back from Animefest 2017 ~ LM.C Report!! Part One.

So, LM.C’s 4th appearance in the US has gone. Let me preface this by saying I wanted to get some pictures and video for myself and all the other fans but they had strict rules regarding media. Basically, no media of any kind, no recording, no pictures, and no video. This applied to all their appearances, the concert, the autograph sessions, and the Q&A panel. 

Naturally, this is a disappointment for fans, but it was requested that he artist’s privacy please be respected. I don’t know if the request came from Maya and Aiji themselves, (though given they’ve been photographed and had pictures taken with fans before I don’t think so) or if this was determined by their handlers. In any case, out of respect for the band, we all abided by the rules. 

I will do my best to recount from memory, what happened at the concert and Q&A. 

Starting with the concert

The concert was great, my companion and I were able to get into the second row. The Majestic Theater was nearly full, so I hope they were encouraged by that and it won’t be another 5 years before we see them State-side again.

Warning, Maya does this in all his performances, he’ll drink water and then spit it out onto the crowd, so if you have a problem with that, stay a few rows back, cause he spits very far (he’s had plenty of practice). There were about 2 or 3 rows in between the audience and the stage, and he still got us in the 2nd and 3rd rows (that would be 4 or 5 rows away). 

I was amazed by their energy, I thought they’d start slow and ramp up or start with some fast-paced songs and do some slow ones in the middle, but it was high pace, and high energy the whole time. They looked amazing and wore their Veda costume. 

Now I hope I remember all the songs (not in order):




Super Duper Galaxy

88 (hachi-hachi)

Oh My Juliette

Rock the LM.C ~encore song~

Double Dragon

Boys & Girls

Chameleon Dance

Crazy A go-go

Be Strong Be Pop

We are LM.C 

Hoshi no Arika ~encore song~

Punky Heart ~encore song~

Ghost heart

Funny phantom

And I think I’ve got them all. =__= This is why I really wanted to record it. 

There isn’t even a recording for us to buy.  T___T

Maya’s english is actually pretty good, he couldn’t explain the more abstract concepts behind one of their songs (Just Like this!! He was going to sing it, but since he couldn’t explain the concept he skipped it and sang something else.)

It seems with the Dallas crowd that Aiji is a bit more popular than Maya. They were mostly calling his name, and watching him play was a thing of beauty. However, the crowd went crazy when Maya started shaking his hips and pulled his shirt to reveal his shoulder, scandalous! ^_^

Btw, they are even hotter in person.  XD

Part two will cover the Q&A as well as other experiences and observations. Stay tuned. ٩(●ᴗ●)۶

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