Maya’s My Universe # 40 “My Rules” + announcement

First the announcement: Sorry for the long delay. I had hoped to get this done months ago, but life had other plans. Between work, school, and scheduling conflicts with my translation partner this just kept getting pushed back more and more. Long story short, things may continue to be a bit spotty until into the summer, I will be preparing my licensing exams, so, unfortunately, hobbies, like translating, will be taking a back seat. Thank you for your patience and understanding.


Theme: “My Rules.”

I wonder when I began to do a list of “things I’m addicted to?” On my phone.

Feels like it was around 2 years ago.

Sometimes, I’d be asked at an interview or something, “Any new hobbies you’re addicted to?” After years of saying, “No, nothing in particular.” I got tired of saying it.

That being said, I don’t have anything that I can say, “this is what I live for! This is my hobby!”

Since it seems that unexpected things in life occur frequently, I’ve started writing down the things and phenomena that interests me even if only for a short time, as the things I’m addicted to.

As of June 8th, 2014, I decided to add a date to the list as well. On the day I added “Going out without my phone.”  I tried to count what items were added but I stopped counting—actually, I gave up. That list as a lot. I feel like I should add numbers.

Then I can celebrate “Congratulations on the 1000th item.” I would celebrate in my heart though.

However, it would be a grand scale. The number of things I’ve been hooked on in 2015 is 52, as of the end of November. I wonder how it will be at the end of the year, the opportunities for that 1000th item could suddenly present themselves. There are really various things I’m addicted to, basically, the things on the list aren’t special, they’re kinda lame, listing them is already lame. That’s why it’s fun though.

Following the timeline, I’m going to pull out some of the things I like randomly.

Frozen vegetables, Black Tea I got as a present, don’t do a mask[i]. When sleeping, put phone in airplane mode, shoe store, mandarins, change my rules, go to a live and harmonize myself. Gum, reverb*[t/n: we don’t know what he’s referring to], update, YouTube, fan mail[ii].

While listening to Oasis and drinking a Coke, read Haruki Murakami. Sleep facing up.

Make a song with your first impression. Don’t charge [an electrical device]. Flowers. Now start playing darts Darts [after the trend has been around a while]. In any case, Curry, Popcorn, when saying “itadakimasu!” put heart into it.

Ignore the expiration date. Watch a movie you know nothing about. Listen to all the parts at the same time.

Do not apply lip balm. Don’t put a case on iPhone. Don’t search immediately.

Worry and hesitate every time. Change clothes early before a live.

Take off mask while sleeping (unconsciously). Set the volume to an odd number, Bake bread, Hum, match my facial expressions to the text of my mail and line messages. Bring Macro into Micro[iii].

Car Wash. Electromagnetic waves. Panasonic. Don’t kill insects.

Fast forward and watch. Pumpkin, pumpkin, pumpkin. Low heat, Medium heat.

Even though I pulled out some items I don’t understand or hesitated to put in this article, there is still a lot of mysterious items, the first being “Hulu”, and the latest being “Avocado”.

Looking back at the things I pulled out, it seems I’m addicted to changing my rules.

The longer you live the more you have your own rules. Such as I have this personality, I like this, I don’t like that, I hate that. When I wake up I do this, and before I sleep I do this.

I want to check whether each one suits me now.

If I don’t need it I’ll leave it behind, and if I think I need it again, I’ll love it more than ever. That’s it.

And then this year will pass. It’s like I’ve met a new me in 2015 (that’s how I feel). What kind of me will I meet in the coming 2016? From now I’m really looking forward to it. Thanks for myself this year.

I wish me well next year. 😊


Translator’s notes

[i] referring to a surgical face mask

[ii] referring to emails from fans, the fan club allows members to email Maya and Aiji directly

[iii] we have no idea what he’s referring to, he doesn’t reference the subject.

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