Additional Blog in development

Hello all. As you know due to the recent announcement a lot of people will be leaving Tumblr. I plan to stay unless I start getting flagged. I don’t think this blog should be affected as I don’t have anything NSFW. 

However, I am making up a backup blog, that I will update in tandem with this one on WordPress. I may make a third on Blogger, haven’t decided yet. While this was not planned, expanding this blog beyond Tumblr may prove helpful in my goal to grow the LM.C fanbase and helping fans get to know the band better. 

Right now I’m having some trouble with importing the blog to WordPress, due to the traffic of many others doing the same, but hopefully, that will be resolved soon, and I can import my entire blog. If successful, I may then try expanding to Blogger as well. That is about the scope of my plans to expand for now. 

I want to assure everyone I am fully dedicated to this blog, and though I may not be affected, those who follow this blog might, so I want to ensure there’s always a place for people to access my translations, as well as any others I come across. 

To LM.C and all their fans. Hope you’re all looking forward to seeing them next year. 

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