AWA Report and Feedback Wanted

So I am starting with the Feedback portion because I think this is most important. Fake Star reached out to me and is requesting feedback on the VIP offerings. I am letting as many people know as I can, that Fake Star would like feedback on the offerings for VIP badges and other things you’d be interested in.

Specifically, they would like to hear from you on more of what you’d like offered as a VIP benefit. Fake Star will be meeting with them next month and would like to bring your ideas to them.

So far we’ve received the following suggestions:

  1. Continue the Photoshoots.
  2. Continue Early Access
  3. More items to raffle off
  4. More Gacha Items
  5. A Fan meet event where you can interact with the band more, play games, buy cheki with the members, hear acoustic versions of songs, etc.
  6. Back Stage look, being able to be present for soundcheck and practice.
  7. International FanClub, right now the idea is for a digital version only as most of the current Fanclub perks outside of tickets and store times are digital already.
  8. International shipping for the LM.C Store.

If you have anything you’d like to contribute, please let us know! This is your chance.

Now onto AWA report!


Fake Star presented LM.C for the second time in a row at this year’s Anime Weekend Atlanta.


The event marked LM.C’s third performance in a row in the U.S. It also marked the first-ever offering of VIP badges for LM.C events. Perks included Early access to all LM.C events and up to 2 photoshoots with LM.C, one of which was with the MAD LM.C. This marks the first appeared of MAD LM.C since well…they were first introduced.

The Mad LM.C Photoshoot took place on Thursday, Halloween, and the General photoshoot took place on Saturday the second. The fans came together to create a flower board display for LM.C and bouquets.


Previously, photoshoots had only ever been offered to members of Team LM.C in Japan.  The concert was great, the setlist included: Ghost Heart, Oh My Juliet, Funny Phantom, Double Dragon, Hoshi no Arika, 88, Boys and Girls, Chamaleon Dance, Rock the LM.C, We are LM.C Anthem, Chaindreamers, the Buddha, & Punky Heart.

Surprisingly, only one song (Chaindreamers) from the latest album, Future Sensation, was played, but the audience was enthralled none the less. LM.C came out full force in all their glory as this picture below so famously immortalized.


The show started with a little bit of a hitch, as there was a sound malfunction, forcing the band to stop during the first song. While the issue was being resolved Maya engaged in some light banter with concert-goers. He asked who spoke multiple languages and informed the audience that he spoke two languages, Japanese and Japan-English. He also asked the audience about some new words he’d learned, “Lit” and
Yeet.” He seemed to get what “Lit” meant and had no trouble saying. “Yeet,” however, gave our king some trouble. He attempted to pronounce it, the result was “Why-Eeeet?” Despite help from the crowd, I am unsure if he really got it.

He also enquired about the blue Powerade beverage he’d been provided with. He asked if the drink was safe and why it was blue. The audience responded with a mixture of Yes, No, and Maybe. He only took one sip of it the entire concert, so we can presume, he was not a fan. In fairness, this is probably a good idea when drinking something that looks suspiciously like window-cleaner.

During this banter, Aiji disappeared off stage to presumably help with adjustments. This prompted Maya to ask, “Where is my Guitarist, where is my man?”

Finally, the show restarted, none of the excitement or energy before the malfunction had been lost. One of the high points of the show was when 88 was performed. The crowd had been given glow sticks with lyric an instruction cards before the show to sing along with Maya when the song started. It worked with resounding success, Maya even got a little choked up. Throughout the concert there was more banter from Maya culminating in everyone’s favorite translator, Ryan, being summoned to the stage, along with a phrased cried out from an audience member that will live in infamy, “Ryan is Daddy!”

Maya asked what that meant, but a mortified Ryan said he’d tell him later. We don’t know if he ever did. This show had more effects than the 2 previous concerts, complete with the lyrics displayed so the audience could sing along. In the past, many have struggled to do this.

The show concluded with Maya making jokes with the cameraman, asking if he was cold in the Cheerleader outfit he was wearing. Pictures were taken, and the band was taken back when the lights came on and they were able to see just how many people came to their show, they were truly impressed.


Throughout the weekend, special GACHA packs were sold, some contained blue tickets which would grant the holder access to a special signing where you could have anything signed and it would be personalized. Those who got multiple tickets were very generous and gave their extras to those who got nothing. It was great to see fan-base come together and help each other and ensure that more people had the opportunity to have a wonderful time with LM.C.

The Final LM.C event was Sunday with the raffle and Q&A Panel.

Here are the questions in no particular order:

What’s your favorite LM.C look?Aiji said he likes loose clothing that’s easy to move around in, therefore the Track Suit from JOHN was his favorite. Maya said the current outfit [see above] was his favorite, followed by the costume for “Let Me Crazy!!”

What’s your favorite song to perform?

Aiji said anything upbeat, like Chameleon Dance, while Maya said he likes to perform the songs that have appeared in Anime as those are the ones that American audiences get into the most.

What song of theirs that doesn’t have a video would they want to make a video for?

Maya asked the audience if they were familiar with a manga called “Kingdom,” which is a fictionalized retelling of the Romance of the Three Kingdoms from Chinese history. He said the song “Dystopia” was based on that Manga, and he wanted to do a really big expensive video for it.

Aiji said he would like to do more videos for their slower songs, specifically “Twinkle Star,” he too would want it to be expensive with lots of special effects.

What does the name LM.C mean?

Maya said that before their debut, they already owned the domain [] and that the band name came from that. {LM} stands for “Lovely-Mocochang,” {.} stands for “dot,” and {C} stands from “com”.

Of course, the name also comes from a dog Maya once owned, “Moco.”

What are their favorite childhood memories?

Maya said his favorite memory was of watching a historical drama with this grandmother when he was young.

Aiji said his favorite memory was of building a paper statue with his kindergarten class for a school festival.

What would be their advice for the current generation?

In response to this question, Maya asked the attendees if we read translations of LM.C’s lyrics. The audience responded, “Yes.” He then said that if you follow what is written in those lyrics you can learn how to be happy.

Who’s their favorite western artist?

Maya said his favorite was Cyndi Lauper, he liked her look more than her music though. He said that Mad Maya’s bright yellow hair color and appearance was inspired by her.

Aiji said his favorite artist was Michael Jackson.

How did they meet?

Maya stated that they met at a live house in Nagano when he was 17. He said that was there to see the band that was performing either before or after (don’t remember which) Aiji’s band. He didn’t remember much about the occasion other than Aiji was smoking when they met.

Would LM.C ever do an American Tour?

Maya commented that America is really big, they said it would be cool and asked if we would come to their shows, of course, everyone said yes.

What’s the meaning of Aiji’s Tattoo?

Aiji said that the first tattoo was his parent’s birthdays, the second represented the universe, and the third was for his previous band.

On the topic of tattoos, Maya said he doesn’t think he’d get one because he’d become bored of it and want to change it. He then joked that maybe he should get a big chest tattoo.

Did they ever get nervous meeting celebrities and idols they were young?

Aiji said no. Maya said that he’s not the type to get nervous so, no. He then said that when he was in middle school he got to meet Hide from X-Japan. Maya said that he didn’t even introduce himself he just started talking to Hide.

What’s their favorite letter and kanji?

Maya said is favorite letter was “M” (obviously), and his favorite kanji was Umi for sea “海.”
Aiji took some time to think about his favorite letter, first, he said, “…L?” Then he said no, and kept thinking. Maya asked him, “Is it M?” to which Aiji responded with, “Yeah….no.” At last Aiji settled on “R.” For his favorite kanji, he said Kumo for cloud, “雲.”

Would they ever bring back MAD LM.C?

Maya said they’ve been wanting to do something with Mad LM.C but there was never a good time. It worked for this event because it fell on Halloween. He said that if another con fell on Halloween, they would do it again.

(My hope of hearing “Mad or Die!” live may never happen. ToT)

Why did they choose Visual Kei for their style?

Both Maya and Aiji said it was because all the bands the liked growing up were doing the style that would eventually become V-Kei. There was no V-Kei at the time when they were getting into those bands.

Someone asked if they liked the gift their sister gave them.

A girl gave LM.C a drawing of them as a gift. Her sister asked if they liked the gift. They said they appreciate any gift they receive but it really means a lot when someone takes the time to make something specifically for them.

Regarding the drawing itself, they liked that she had combined their first outfits with their new look.


That’s all the questions I remember. If anyone remembers any I missed, please tell me. That’s it for the live report. Please don’t forget to let me know by commenting or sending me a message if you have anything you would like to see offered in future VIP events for LM.C. Fake Star really wants to know your thoughts, and I was very honored that they reached out to me. So please, let your voices be heard. 

I hope you all have the opportunity to attend a VIP event for LM.C someday. There is also a fan discord for LM.C please feel free to join and connect with other fans!

Link here:

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