Important Announcement: Ideas for LM.C Special Events & Future Sensation Poll!

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Hello all! I have 2 big announcements, and would like to hear from you!

First, there another poll will be done to request what songs Fans would like to hear when LM.C comes to AWA 2019 in November or in future shows.

This poll will feature only the songs from Future Sensation since the album was not released at the time of the last poll. I will make a separate announcement later when the poll is ready. Please respond to the poll, some tried to message me with votes and I did not see those messages in time. The results will be given to FAKE STAR (thank you Fake Star you’re the best!) the promoter who is bringing LM.C to us in November.

Second, I recently contacted FAKE STAR inquire about special events for fans when LM.C comes. Specifically, I asked about VIP tickets for special events involving the band. Special events would be things like: Photograph with the band, limited VIP merch, a special Meet & Greet, etc.

FAKE STAR has recently introduced VIP tickets for other acts they’ve brought such as Miyavi and ACME. After speaking to a representative of FAKE STAR, they’ve expressed that they’d love some feedback regarding VIP tickets. For that reason, I would like to hear from the fan base would you like in a VIP experience. Please elaborate as much as possible and what you’d like. 

Ever since then I’ve wanted more fans to experience events like that so I decided to reach out to FAKE STAR about doing this like that. Since then, I’ve wanted to be more than just a translator of LM.C Interviews and become more of Fan Advocate. This is simply a natural extension of why I started translating.

If we can’t get an International Fan club then perhaps we can get Fan-club-like events. So please let me know and let your voice be heard. I’m a firm believer that the reason we don’t things like this is that don’t do enough to show we want them.

If you got a VIP pass for Miyavi and ACME, please let me know too, as the feedback about those can help improve them in the future. We can make it happen!

I hope this will spur fans in other countries to gather and start requesting LM.C and special events in their nations too if more info on that is needed I can do a short post on that.

To paraphrase a bit of what Aiji said in the interview  I am currently translating:

“For a long time we had this image that LM.C doesn’t do events, but that isn’t true. We wanted to, but no one invited or requested us.”

– Aiji in Rock & Read Volume 80

While mainly talking about special events in Japan, this applies to those of us abroad too! So let’s make it happen.

Please either respond to this post, or you can contact me via the LM.C Fan Discord or Twitter, Tumblr is also ok, but I don’t check it as often. 

Thanks, Everyone!

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